All sections of the Town Code can be found at the Municipal Code Corporation’s website. Hard copies of the Town Code can be obtained at Town Hall upon request.

If you have any questions about the Town Code, please contact Lynn Morris, Town Clerk at 252.261.3552. Specific questions about “Chapter 42: Zoning” can be directed to Rob Testerman, Planning Director at 252.261.3552.

Online Town Code is current through August 2022. The following ordinances are in effect but have not been codified:

Ord. No. 23-04 ADUs Driveways

Ord. No. 23-03 ADUs Definitions

Ord. No. 23-02 FY 23-24 Budget Ordinance

Ord. No. 23-01 Capital Project Ordinance Fund 41

Ord.No. 22-18 Sec. 16-1 Selling goods & Sec. 18.11 Outdoor Events

Ord. No. 22-17 Sec. 42-1 Definitions, Unlisted Uses, Permitted & Special Uses

Ord. No. 22-16 Beach Renourishment Capital Project Amendment Fund 30

Ord. No. 22-15 Amendment to the Special Revenue Fund 20

Ord. No. 22-14 Capital Project Ordinance Fund 41

Ord. No. 22-13 FY 22-23 Budget Ordinance