Kitty Hawk Sand Dune Protection

The Town of Kitty Hawk prides itself on providing a public beach for the enjoyment of full-time residents and visitors alike. There are many public beach accesses with parking available. All spaces on streets are parallel parking and marked spaces in the paved parking lots.  All spaces are gravel except for Byrd, Lillian and the Bathhouse.  Below is is a list of parking in Kitty Hawk, going from North to South:

Byrd Street
East Side – 4 spaces with 1 Handicapped space; West Side – 60 spaces with 2 handicapped

Fonck Street
South side street parking only – 6 spaces

Maynard Street
Both sides of street.  North side-8 spaces; South side – 8 spaces

Bennett Street
North side street parking only – 7 spaces

Luke Street (seasonal port-o-potty)
North Side street parking only -13 spaces

Bleriot Street (seasonal port-o-potty)
Both sides of the the street.  North side – 14 spaces; South side – 12 spaces

Wilkins Street
Both sides of the street. North side – 4 spaces; South side – 5 spaces

Hawks Street
Both sides of the street.  North side – 6 spaces; South side – 5 spaces

Balchen Street
Both sides of the street; North side – 11 spaces; South side – 10 spaces

Lillian Street
Marked diagonal – 35 spaces with 3 handicapped

Kitty Hawk Bath House (3840 N. VA Dare Trail)
50 spaces with 2 handicapped.

In total there are 266 spaces including 8 handicapped spaces.

In addition to parking, there is a public restroom with showers at the Kitty Hawk Bath House, located at 3840 N Virginia Dare Trail. There is a port-o-potty at Byrd Street located just south of the intersection of Kitty Hawk Road and NC 12 and at the Bleriot and Luke Street beach accesses.

Visitors to Kitty Hawk’s beaches are protected by our Ocean Rescue personnel, a division of the Fire Department. Ocean Rescue performs lifeguard and ocean safety duties from Memorial Day until Labor Day, and it works to inform the public on ocean safety year round.

There are fixed lifeguard stands at the Byrd Street access, the Eckner Street access, the Lillian St access and the Kitty Hawk Bath House access, as well as roving lifeguards on ATV’s. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the Ocean Rescue personnel are on duty from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Between Labor Day and September 30, Ocean Rescue Staff will be on duty from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The Town also has a handicap accessible public sound access at Windgrass Circle. It has parking and is open from sunrise to thirty minutes past sunset.

Beach Safety

Beach Safety Tips

  • Swim near a Lifeguard
  • Do not fight the Rip Current – learn to “Break the Grip”
  • Supervise your children and watch the hazards at all times.
  • Do not float where you cannot swim
  • Lightning – “Hear It or See it – Flee it”
  • “Protect Your Neck” – enter feet first every time and watch the waves.
  • Carry your cell phone and know where you are on the beach.  If you think someone needs help DIAL 911.

Town Ordinances

    • No driving on the beach
    • No glass on the beach
    • No fires on the beach
    • Motorized watercraft cannot be launched from the Atlantic Ocean beach
    • Surfers must attach a surfing leash from themselves to their surfboards
    • Swimming in the ocean is prohibited when the red “No Swimming” flags are posted.  Violation can result in a $250.00 fine.
    • Beach goers are prohibited from leaving unattended personal equipment such as chairs, umbrellas, canopies and coolers on the beach overnight.
    • Digging holes and mounding sound on the beach is not allowed as it is unsafe to beach goers, rescue personnel and sea life.




Click here for information about dogs on the beaches of Kitty Hawk.


Click on the photo below to visit Dare County’s comprehensive website on Beach Safety

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Rules of the Beach:

Leave Only Footprints

Please remove all personal items when leaving the beach including:  umbrellas, beach canopies, chairs, volleyball nets and games.  Please fill in holes dug in the sand.  Items left overnight present a safety hazard for our emergency personnel and other beachgoers.