Emergency Preparedness

During hurricane season, the Town wants to help you prepare for the potential of an emergency. Download our Emergency Preparedness Plan for helpful links and tips on how you can keep your family, home, and belongings safe.

Download our Emergency Preparedness Plan

FEMA Information

For FEMA information please click here:


FEMA Notice

Disaster Recovery Resources

Interfaith Community Outreach

If you were affected by a hurricane and are in need of assistance, Interfaith Community Outreach may be able to help. If you qualify, ICO offers many types of assistances, from temporary financial assistance because of storm damage, to getting you back into a dry and safe place to live. Please call 480-0070, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00AM-2:00PM to talk to volunteer that can assist you.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help with hurricane clean-up and re-building, or volunteering at ICO, please contact ICO at 480-0070.

Hurricane Donation Procedures
All financial donations will be directed to the Outer Banks Community Foundation (OBCF). These funds will be held in a special Dare County Disaster Recovery Account and will be used for recovery effort expenses. All financial donations should be mailed to:13 Skyline Drive
Southern Shores, NC 27949

Or donations can be submitted electronically by accessing the OBCF website: http://www.obcf.org

Disaster Recovery Center

United Methodist Church
(252) 475-3525

Offering clean up supplies and free labor for clean up and removal of debris.
Open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Home Depot-Team Depot

Kay (252) 261-4115 ext. 541
Chris (252) 261-4115 ext. 100

Team Depot is a program offered by Home Depot.  Employees volunteer to help homeowners remove damaged material from their homes and move it to the street. They can also help feed citizens if necessary.