The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial body within the Town government. The Board consists of five members and two alternate members appointed by the Town Council. The Board hears cases where a property owner requests a variance from zoning standards or appeals a decision of the Zoning Administrator.

The Board consists of the following members:

David Morton, Chair

Term Expires: June 2019
3880 Elijah Baum Road

Charlotte Walker, Vice Chair

Term Expires: June 2019
108 W. Sibbern Drive

David Hines

Term Expires: June 2021
306 First Flight Run

Chris Jenkins

Term Expires: June 2021
312 Tateway Road

Christine Buckner

Term Expires: June 2021
5101 The Woods Road

Timothy Fish, Alternate

Term Expires: June 2021
4800 The Woods Road

Natalie Smith, Alternate

Term Expires: June 2019
3906 N. VA Dare Trail

Applicants before the Board of Adjustment may, but are not required to, have legal representation. Decisions made by the Board are final in the Town, and may only be appealed to the court system.

The Board of Adjustments meets as needed.