Town Seeking Request for Proposals For Post-Storm Clean Up and Street Repair Services

The intent of the Request for Proposals (RFP) is to select a contractor to provide post-storm clean up and street repair services for the Town of Kitty Hawk, in Dare County, North Carolina (the “Town”). The Town invites qualified contractors to submit sealed proposals for the provision of these services as described in the specifications.

Written proposals using the official form(s) provided by the Town will be received by the Town Clerk until 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at which time the proposals will be opened and publicly read in the Smith Room, Kitty Hawk Town Hall, 101 Veteran’s Memorial Drive, Kitty Hawk, NC. All qualified proposals will be evaluated.

Complete bid documents may be obtained starting Wednesday, March 13, 2019 from the Town Clerk or the Public Works Director, 101 Veterans Memorial Dr., P.O. Box 549, Kitty Hawk, NC, 27949, telephone (252)-261-3552. To receive a copy by email:

The contractor(s) chosen should provide the Town with the highest quality and most flexible services for the lowest cost. Please submit only standard RFP forms; however, supplemental information may be attached. Materially incomplete proposals may result in the rejection of the entire proposal.

Please address any questions concerning this RFP to Willie Midgett, Public Works Director, (252) 261-1367, or  For all question(s) received, the answer(s) will be shared with all contractors who are listed by the Public Works Director as having received a copy of the original RFP.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the contractor’s ability to provide all services contained in this RFP efficiently and at a reasonable cost to the Town. Previous experience and references will also be considered and should be included with the submitter’s proposal.

The Town of Kitty Hawk reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals.

General Requirements

  1. All contractors participating in the bid process must be licensed as required by North Carolina General Statutes.
  2. All contractors participating in the bid process must provide proof of Workers’ Compensation coverage in the amount of $100,000. They must also provide proof of $1,000,000 of general liability insurance.
  3. All equipment must comply with all applicable Federal, State and Local rules and regulations.
  4. All persons operating vehicles on State and Local roads must be licensed as per State requirements and operate said vehicles in accordance with all Federal, State and Local laws.
  5. All Federal, State, and Local work safety laws and regulations must be strictly adhered to.

Terms and Conditions of the Contract

  1. The contract period shall begin on July 1, 2019 and end on June 30, 2022. The contract shall be for a base period of 3 years with an option to renew for up to 2 additional 1-year periods, upon consent by all parties.
  2. Either party may terminate the contract upon 90 days written notice.