Replacement of Drainage Pipe Lines and Ditch Grading To Take Place in Kitty Hawk Estates and Tarkle Ridge Drive

Construction to replace drainage pipe lines and grade some ditches within Kitty Hawk Estates, and Tarkle Ridge Drive, will begin this week.
The project in Kitty Hawk Estates is more extensive and will include replacing existing damaged drainage culverts and minor grading of high shoulders and ditch swales.  The work being done on Tarkle Ridge Drive will replace two culvert pipes near 4101 and 4105 and near 3925, 3924, 3921 and 3920. Other than traffic delays, no other properties should be affected.
The contractor will do their best to maintain minimal traffic disruption, however some delays may occur.
If homeowners have sprinkler systems or other landscaping installed within the right-of-way, it is the homeowner”s responsibility to mark or remove these from the right-of-way.  The Town or its contractor is not responsible for any damage.
Please contact Public Works at 252 261-1367 with any questions or concerns.