Sign Up for Emergency Management Alerts

Recognizing the need to deliver notifications, emergency or otherwise, to residents, visitors, and property owners, Dare County entered a “software as a service” agreement with Regroup Mass Notification system in the Spring of 2017. The cost for this service is shared between Dare County and the Towns.  Under this service, users can sign up for alerts via text, phone call, email, or multiple platforms.

While signing up for the service, you can choose which form of communication you prefer, as well as the frequency with which you receive the alerts and messages. You can also sign up to receive weather alerts from NOAA and the National Weather Service. Change your mind? Not a problem! You can change these settings or unsubscribe at any time. Your Regroup account will still be active and you can change your personal setting to receive alerts again.

When initially setting up your profile, you are required to check the box to allow Regroup to send voice and text messages. This form of notification can be turned off in the Notifications side tab of your profile. Making your profile public allows only the group admin to see your information. Your information is not shared or seen by others.

Phone Numbers – Users can opt in to receive alerts sent as voice recordings over the phone and/or text.

Addresses – Alerts affecting specific areas of Dare County, may be sent bas ed on location. Including your home address, work address, and the addresses of any additional properties you own in Dare County, will ensure you receive notification of situations that may impact those areas.

Weather Events – Select which alerts you would like to receive from NOAA & the National Weather Service

A Town of Kitty Hawk Emergency Alerts Group has been set up through this Regroup service. Please note that signing up for the Town of Kitty Hawk Emergency Alerts Group will automatically sign you up for the Dare County Emergency Alerts Group as well. All users are encouraged to stay subscribed to the Dare County Emergency Alerts as a great deal of updated information comes from them.