How to Vote By Mail

2020 has been a year of unanticipated challenges and hurdles.  As with practically everything else, voting this year will be affected!  We, in the League, have heard many questions about HOW TO VOTE DURING A PANDEMIC and we want to answer your questions about VOTING BY MAIL!

On June 12, 2020, N.C. legislation was passed into law that streamlined the Absentee Ballot process!  Any registered voter in Dare County can Vote-By-Mail; no special circumstance is required.  The first thing to do is to Request an Absentee Ballot and you can do this today!

Request an Absentee Ballot

  • Complete the Absentee Ballot Request form:    (You may also call Board of Elections & request they mail you a form.)
  • The Request Form must be completed & signed by the voter (or a voter’s near relative or legal guardian)
  • The Request Form may be submitted to the Dare Board of Elections via USPS mail or in person at the Board of Elections Office.  Recent legislation added fax (252-475-1223) and Email ( as submission methods.
  • The Request Form must be received by the county board of elections by 5pm on the Tuesday before the election: October 27, 2020

Receive & Complete the Absentee Ballot

  • The Absentee Ballot Packets will be sent to requestors via USPS
  • The completed Ballot requires only one (1) witness.  (Recent legislation decreased the previous requirement of 2 witnesses or notary.)
  • The Ballot Return Envelope will have a unique bar code, so that BOE staff can track it, and the completed Ballot must be placed inside the Ballot Return Envelope.
  • The completed Ballot Return Envelope may be returned via USPS mail, in person at the Board of Elections Office by 5pm on Election Day (Nov 3), or in person at an Early Voting site between Oct 15 -31.

*** Pay close attention to instructions on the Envelope to insure that your ballot is counted! ***

After You Return the Absentee Ballot

Where is the Dare County Board of Elections Office / How do I contact them?

Physical Address:  Dare Admin Building; 954 Marshall C Collins Drive, Rm 187; Manteo NC  27954

Mailing Address:   P. O. Box 1000; Manteo NC  27954

Phone:  (252) 475 5630 or 5631;   Fax:  (252) 475 1223;  Email:

For more details: