Beach Rule Reminders

In November 2019, the Town Council added a new ordinance that addresses the safety hazards presented by Beach Equipment left overnight and digging holes on the beach.  As a result the following rules were adopted into Town Code.

  • Beach goers are prohibited from leaving unattended personal equipment such as chairs, umbrellas, canopies, and coolers overnight on the beach.  In addition, beach equipment must not obstruct the passage of vehicles on the beach or the line of sight of lifeguards to the ocean.  Unattended beach equipment and personal property may be removed by Town staff and shall be disposed of.
  • Digging holes on the beach presents many safety issues to beach goers, rescue personnel and sea turtles, as a result, beach goers in Kitty Hawk are asked not to dig holes or mound sand on the beach.

For all of the beach rules and safety tips visit the Town’s Beach Information page.